2017-current: AMA

South East Member Rep

Connecting arts and culture and the public.

Our members are passionate about connecting the public with art, culture and heritage. We’re passionate about our members.

The AMA is a membership organisation with approximately 2,000 members across the UK and beyond. It provides professional development and training opportunities for people working in the arts, culture and heritage sector.

Our vision: The AMA empowers individuals working in the arts and cultural sector to be the best that they can be, to raise more income and to reach, engage and inspire more people, in deeper ways. Driving a thriving arts and cultural sector.

Our mission: The AMA is a membership organisation for people dedicated to engaging a diverse range of the public with arts and cultural experiences.It exists to empower members throughout their career to:— discover skills and identify best practice,

  • connect with others and share what works and what doesn’t,
  • inspire ideas and lead new thinking,
  • and significantly improve the impact that they have for their organisations and the public.