2003-2005: The Wells Collective

Vocals | Guitar | Keys | Songs | Producer

1992-1996: Thee Vinyl Creatures
1999-2005: The Sound Platform
2003-2005: The Wells Collective

The Sun & The Silver Anthology is a collection of recordings produced by a bunch of Melbourne and Geelong based songwriters and multi-instrumentalists between 1992-2005 culminating in the end of all projects so two of the main members Darren Smallman and Simon Baird could focus on their record label, Australian independent Low Transit Industries.

Darren Smallman was the main constant through out all the projects who has always had an extermely DIY method to bands he was in. Playing in Warped and Toad [featuring members of Bored!, Fridge & Tumbleweed] in his teens and self-releasing tapes at shows through to all sorts of merch he fell in love with the production of a band which followed him through his life and all the way through Low Transit Industries.

The anthology spans 20 years of self-released material and demos which will be released digitally via Darren’s imprint BATTLE and will include 5 releases with over 60 tracks handpicked and re-mastered with artwork by US artist Trish Grantham.

Members: Cameron Ross (Dishpan Fingers), Clinton Stewart, Dale Trickett, Danny Griffith (SubAudible Hum, The Queen’s Head), Darren Smallman (Warped, Toad, Ancient Horses), Dave Jeffrey, Derrin Nauendorf, Fiona Lee Maynard (Have A Nice Day, In Vivo, Tijuana Souvenirs), J (SubAudible Hum), Karl Inderberg, Rae Howell (Sunwrae), Sasha Bell (The Essex Green, The Ladybug Transistor), Simon Baird, Simon Cleary, Simon Edwards (Essay Edwards, Silver City Highyway, SubAudible Hum, Souls On Board), Stacka (Bored!, Golden Lifestyle Band, Gazebo, The New Season)


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