1989-1992: Warped

Vocals | Bass | Songs

For 21 years Warped has been an evolving rock and roll animal. For Benny and Cris, Warped has been a life long commitment. Having started the band as 13 year olds in Geelong and being considered veterans at the age of 18, Benny and Cris have seen many come and many go and are part of rock and roll history in Geelong, Melbourne and Australia.

Several incarnations have seen Darren, Nathan, Matt, Justin, Brett, Toddy and Sammy all play their part in the incredible beast that has been Warped over the years. For regular Melbourne live music punters between 1991 and 2004 seeing Warped play was as essential as having vegemite in the house and as normal being able to buy a beer at the pub.

Over the years, Warped have shared the stage with many international acts. Amongst others, they include Dinosaur Jnr, Fugazi, Henry Rollins, Audioslave, The Melvins, Dick Dale, Nebula, The Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, The Distillers, Andrew WK, Fu Manchu, The Dwarves, The Donnas, but by far the most important and cherished memories are the times they shared the stage with bands and friends like Bored!, the Cosmic Psychos, the Dirty Lovers, the Onyas, Powder Monkeys, The Hard-Ons, The Meanies, Magic Dirt, Spiderbait, Legends of Motorsport, Dern Rutledge, Further, The Nation Blue, Tumbleweed and The Mark of Cain to name but a few.

Warped have also been a active part of the Melbourne music community, regularly appearing at Radio benefits for PBS, RRR, 3CR, as well as countless other worthwhile community causes over the years.

Among an estimated 600+ shows so far, one series that will be immortalised among friends and fans will be the Seven Nights of Sins show at the North Melbourne Town Hall. It came in September 2002, when Warped bought North Melbourne to a stand still with an experience that, according to publican John Collins, truly shook the foundations and cemented the legend that is Warped live, with over 150+ people packed in the tiny 70 capacity room of Town Hall, spilling out onto the laneway to witness the event through the windows, every night, seven of them in a row.

Warped have produced a large catalog of music in 21 years. Starting out on the infamous Au Go Go label, Warped put out mini-albums and albums as well as a series of fanzines. A new home at Festival Mushroom Records produced the groundbreaking and long celebrated ‘On the Make’ album along with a handful of singles and videos. Several independent 7” releases, a picture disc, split 7”s and even limited press cassettes, saw the light of day. Countless bootleg and radio sessions live recordings exist, as do hundreds of hours of live video footage. Releases in Europe and Japan during the years came in many forms from many labels. A final album, “Quicker Ways to Blacker Eyes’ was released on Casadeldisco – and a new home was found at Shock. Often noted as their best album, it has received wide spread airplay and praise as an Australian Rock and Roll album to be put on the shelf with the greats.

The chance to record with Rose Tattoo’s Angry and Pete Wells as well as the very final recording sessions in legendary Festival Studios in Sydney were brushes with history for Warped, as was a set at the legendary Broadford Festival.

Warped have always been known as a band who always did what they wanted. If they felt like they wanted to play for seven nights in a row, they did. If they felt like they wanted to make an album, they did. If they wanted to play free shows, they did. Warped were true cavaliers in the Australian music scene. They always fought the good fight for better or for worse. They had their run-ins at different times with various members of the media, record labels, promoters and bookers, but at the same time they also found some incredible people in those very same industries that will remain life long friends.

Stay tuned for re-releases of Warped’s entire back catalogue that will be released on iTunes….and of course more shows…maybe…one day…