Back in 1989 I stepped into the grassroots punk rock scene of Australia. Performing and directing the artistic output and business management of my own work and that of my friends and many others. Today I focus my work within the charity arts sector in London.

This is the home to all my music projects, arts and work related guff.


Dez Dare

So Cold, Josephine

Back catalogue

Thee Vinyl Creatures / Schizophrenic Dream [2020] [Listen]

The Sound Platform featuring Sasha Bell / Summer Something [2020]

El Grumpos / Annette's Got The Hits (Redd Kross) [2014] [Listen]

El Grumpos / My 1st Record, My 1st Store [2014]

The Sound Platform / The Sun & Silver Anthology Volume 5 [2013]

The Wells Collective / The Sun & The Silver Anthology Volume 4 [2013] [Listen]

The Sound Platform / The Sun & Silver Anthology Volume 3 [2013]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / The Sun & Silver Anthology Volume 2 [2013] [Listen] [Watch]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / The Sun & Silver Anthology Volume 1 [2013] [Listen]

The Wells Collective / Along Sydon Drive [2005] [Listen]

The Sound Platform / Test Tones Volume 04 [2004]

The Sound Platform featuring Sasha Bell / Shake Yer Popboomerang [2004] [Listen]

The Sound Platform / Do They Smoke Cigarettes In Heaven [2002]

The Sound Platform / FutureRock Sampler [2002]

The Sound Platform / The Mission of a Sad Man Is Glorious [2001]

The Sound Platform / Promotional Compact Disc Of The Sound Platform [2000]

The Sound Platform / To Be Played At 33 R.P.M. [1999]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / I Dig Them Boots [1996] [Listen] [Watch]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / Here Comes Eleven Nuns (One With A Bucket Of Chips For Me) [1996]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / The Bias Is Transposition [1995] [Listen]

Thee Vinyl Creatures / That Was Then… This Is Now [1993] [Listen]

Toad / Live at The Barwon Club [1993] [Listen]

Warped / Live at RRR [1992] [Listen]

Warped / Live at GPAC [1992] [Listen] [Watch]

Warped / Check This Action [1992] [Listen]

Warped / Cranked Up Really High [1992] [Listen]

Warped / Guitar Wailing Mayhem [1990] [Listen]


Thames Festival Trust

Marketing Manager (2019 - current)

Previous Organisations

Arts Marketing Association / Regional Representative (2018-2020)

Brighton Fringe / Marketing Manager (2016-2019)


Trinity Theatre / Marketing and Media Manager (2010-2016)

Theatre Royal / Music Programming and Publicity Manager (2008-2009)

Low Transit Industries / Co-owner (1999-2010)

Sabotage Records / Owner (1992-1996)


“One of my favourite labels [BATTLE WORLDWIDE]… check out every band they have been putting out”

Jack Rabid, Big Takeover

"A great communicator with creative flair who always delivered timely results"

Therese Waterson, Buss Murton Law LLP

"Darren Smallman is 27 feet tall and eats automobiles"

David McGinnis, Mute Song Ltd